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About Doug

“Passing on lessons learned is one of life’s greatest joys. Receiving others’ lessons is one of life’s greatest gifts.”

An internist and infectious diseases doctor by background, Doug has been a global corporate and operating executive at Lilly, Monsanto, Schering Plough and Mallinckrodt, a serial entrepreneur, and a venture capitalist. He led five biotech companies as CEO, including Progenitor (NASDAQ:PGEN), NeoRx (NASDAQ:NERX), Via Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:VIAP), Vivaldi Biosciences Inc. and Mercator Genetics Inc. Doug served as Health2047 Inc.’s Chief Executive from its founding in August of 2015 until January 2018. Previously, he spent more than a decade in venture capital as an Investment Partner and General Partner at life sciences investor Bay City Capital LLC through five sequential life sciences general funds and two sector-specific funds; he was associated with the partnership from 1999-2015.

An experienced board member, Doug currently serves as a Director at Health2047 Inc. and board Chair at both Akiri Inc. and Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc. He recently served as board Chair and CEO at Vivaldi Biosciences Inc. He serves on advisory boards at the University of Chicago Medicine, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Stanford Medicine, Harvard School of Public Health, and The Houston Methodist Research Institute.

Doug received MD and PhD (Virology) degrees from the University of Chicago, an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, was a Clinical and Research Fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, and an Attending Physician and professor at Indiana University School of Medicine.

Doug Given

Enjoying the second half.

Decades of experience have taught me to live a full and balanced life, doing what I enjoy while also helping others. After spending significant time in academia, pharma, life sciences and the venture capital community, I have arrived at a place where I can pass along both the learning and the values that have been sustaining for me.

No one is born wise. Wisdom comes from paying attention to your life experiences over time. I’ve worked in big companies, small companies, hospitals and universities. This breadth of work experience enables me to visualize solutions to problems from multiple perspectives. Chances are good that I’ve sat in your seat somewhere along the way.

I’m also a son a brother, a husband and a father, continuing along life’s journey and doing my best to help the people in my life find their best way forward. It is our responsibility to help future generations achieve their goals faster and go further than the generation that preceded them.

Please reach out if I can assist you,


Doug Given