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After a decade in academic medicine and a decade in big pharma R&D management, Doug attended business school at Wharton. That experience changed his career focus to entrepreneurship, new company formation, and the management of venture-backed companies. An avid pilot, Doug discovered that entrepreneurship provided him the same thrill, despite being on the ground much of the time.

Doug typically identifies ideas for new companies by tapping his network of world-class academicians to find important research projects with big commercial potential. He then licenses the technology, often takes on an operating leadership role, and leverages his professional network to both secure funding and build teams capable of turning those innovative ideas into commercial products and services. To date, Doug has founded or operated five biotech companies, three of which have become public.

Whether working on commercializing compounds for the treatment of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases or building a company to create easily administered, safe, and protective vaccines against seasonal influenza, Doug works tirelessly to bring to market great ideas that will improve quality of life. The inventors, teams, investors, and partners he assembles advance innovation in medical sciences and patient care.

Areas Doug is particularly interested in include infectious diseases, cardio-metabolic disease, immune tolerance and advanced technologies. Examples include stem cells, gene therapy, disease genetics, DNA sequencing and the human genome, molecular diagnostics, targeted cancer therapies, peptide therapeutics, medical devices, and more recently all opportunities in healthcare with a digital, data and information foundation. Doug currently serves as CEO at Health2047, a new integrated innovation company whose mission is to develop, guide, and commercialize disruptive ideas that enhance — at the system level— the practice of healthcare.